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assignment 5 - What is a Fat Bitch? Many students at Penn...

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What is a Fat Bitch? Many students at Penn State cannot wait until their next opportunity to enjoy a Fat Bitch. A preconceived idea of what a Fat Bitch is may have just given a very intense visual image to many readers; however, do not let prior definitions distract you. Those who frequent the RU Hungry?, know what a Fat Bitch is. The Fat bitch, all eight inches of heaven, immediately pop into the heads of locals. This flawless sub captures a part in everyone’s heart that eats it. The old saying “nothing’s perfect” is true due to the simple fact that nothing is like a Fat Bitch. They are truly masterpieces. A warm, fresh, well made Fat Bitch is comparable only to a priceless piece of art. When admiring art, one look does not give the work justice. A person must sit back, focus, ponder and stutter in amazement. An RU Hungry? customer must do the same in regards to the Fat Bitch and give it the respect it deserves. Try to visualize the chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, steak and French fries separately, then, think how you are about to get a little bit of everything that is in your mind in one, great bite. This is a beautiful thought. Now, when you still have this notion in your head, think of the original creator of the work of art that sits before you. Genius. The person who made the first Fat Bitch had a one of a kind idea. No other human, in the history of time, would have ever made that exact combinations of foods. No sandwich is comparable to that of the one in which Penn State Students are able to enjoy any day of the week. Every Fat Bitch that is created represents The Pennsylvania State University. The sheer mass of the sandwich creates parallels to PSU. Although eight inches is not the largest sandwich on the market, what it does not have in size, the Fat Bitch makes up for in density and Penn State works on the same level. It is not the largest campus; however
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over 40,000 people in the United States of America can say their home is in Happy Valley. The size of the masterpiece is not what brings it to greatness; it is how much is
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assignment 5 - What is a Fat Bitch? Many students at Penn...

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