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Zack Gallerani 09-23-07 English 098 Beliefs draft Have you ever felt like you weren’t living every day of your life to the fullest? Most days’ people wouldn’t think to do crazy things because it could be their last day of their lives. On my belief you have to do things you would never do on a daily basis because who knows if it’s the last time. In past experiences it seems that many people that I knew passed away had good lives but were taken out of this world way too soon. Doing death defying stunts is not what it means to live everyday like it is the last day of your life but to do things that are unexpected or something one might regret doing. Why keep things bottled up inside of you and look back on your life realizing it wasn’t a good run. Looking in the paper and seeing more and more young teenagers dying every day puts it into full prospective and makes your truly think that if you don’t do exciting things in your life it all could come to a bad ending.
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Unformatted text preview: If you look back on the years youve lived, has it been all what you wanted, if it isnt its time to start living it up. Many people can agree that they want to spice up their lives with a little excitement so they feel it was worth the run. This belief applies to many people in the world because some people have boring, unexciting lives and it makes them think that they need to start having fun and doing things a lot differently. As life gets shorter and time goes on you have to think about doing things differently in your life to know that it was all worth it. Just doing tasks differently or doing something you would never usually do is what this belief applies to and when people are passing away quicker it puts it into perspective to make you truly think about it. Live everyday to the fullest because it could be your last....
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