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My Invited Visitor

My Invited Visitor - Jillian Brychka ENG 222-075 Justin...

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Jillian Brychka ENG 222-075 Justin Larsen September 10, 2009 My Invited Visitor Every summer I go and visit my cousins and grandparents in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. They live in Victoria, a city on an island called Vancouver Island, located right above Washington, off the west coast of Canada. When I’m visiting, I can walk down to the beach and feel the sand between my toes as I listen to the sound of the waves hitting the rocks and the seagulls talking to each other as they try to find their next tasty meal. My uncle takes us out on the ocean in his boat where the wind blows through my hair while my cousins and I try to be the first one to spot a seal. A couple summers ago my cousins my cousin’s neighbor got a pool in their yard, when my cousins and I went to go over and swim, I met their neighbor James. My cousins, James, and I always had so much fun playing and swimming around in the pool, which is how I got to know James. From then on, every time I went to Victoria I not only went to visit family, but also my really good friend, James. This past summer, I decided it would be fun to invite James to come visit me for a change. Had I not made the choice to have James come to my house, I never would’ve learned how much I love living in Denver, Colorado. I picked up James from the air port as soon as he arrived at Denver International Airport. On the ride home, James, already amused by Denver, suddenly shouts; “Lightning to your left, look how big it is”, as though he was some seven year old kid seeing lightning for the first time. I
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