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proposal - Treyton Moy History 371 This proposal is not...

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Treyton Moy History 371 10/4/07 This proposal is not specifically listed in the list of paper, but I prefer pursuing this topic and appreciate any feedback. This paper would be based on the depiction and representation of war crimes in the series Band of Brothers . This topic is extremely similar to the paper on Saving Private Ryan in that both films are recent productions that depict American forces in the Western front of World War II. In fact, the similarities go even further as both have major contributions by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks including involvement in both the production and direction stages. However, but my paper would have several advantages with the change in the film. First, the length of Band of Brothers is approximately ten hours as compared to the other film’s two hours and covers a broader range of events by looking at a company’s progression from basic training to D-Day to the end of the war while Saving Private Ryan only focuses on a few weeks journey. The
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