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Greg Dobson Chapter 3 paper PY.101.32 Dr. Lane One innate characteristic that humans possess is the certain natural reflexes we are born with as infants. Infant reflexes help humans thrive by providing them with basic abilities to survive at a time when they are most fragile. One example of these reflexes is an infant’s innate knowledge to suck on the things placed in their mouths. Without this the baby may not know how to nurse, obviously lowering their chances of survival. A second characteristic humans are born with is the constant interest in novelty that we possess. Humans are naturally curious of the unfamiliar things around them. Due to this curiosity humans are often eager to explore the unknown. This characteristic has benefited the species throughout time by allowing humans to make advances based upon tests that would have never been contemplated without curiosity. A third characteristic humans innately possess is their basic cognitive abilities.
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