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Resilience: A Vital Quality 1 Resilience: A Vital Quality For The Success Of Homeless ChiLdren: An Opinionated Paper On The Role of Resilience In A Homeless Child’s Life. Becky Borrell Ms. Moore Psychology 201 3 December 2007
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Resilience: A Vital Quality 2 “I'm smart. I know I can succeed. I just need a chance. A chance to climb out of this place I've born in. Everyone I know are angry and tired. They're trying to survive. But I know that there is a world out there that is better, that's better developed. And I want to live in it.” This statement was not made by an inspirational speaker or a respected university professor, rather this inspirational quote belongs to Liz Murray, a young, intelligent, decisive young woman that openly shares her journey from homelessness to graduating from the highly esteemed Harvard University. Liz is among many children in the United States that are born and raised into a setting without stable living conditions. She contributes to the 1.3 million children that find themselves homeless each year. Statistics conclude that homeless children are twice as likely to repeat a grade compared to non-homeless children and they also have twice the rate of emotional and behavior problems (Bassuk, et al., 2007, p.3). With these extreme statistics, what exactly gives some of these children the “oomph” to overcome these obstacles to create a stable and well-educated lifestyle for themselves? After taking into consideration the following questions: 1. What Is Resilience And Why Is It Important? 2. Why Is Resilience Uncommon In Homeless Children? 3. What Is The Best Environment For Nurturing Resilience?
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psychpaperPooo - Resilience: A Vital Quality 1 Resilience:...

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