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Advancements in Water Conservation

2 practical limits exist but are not standing way in

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Unformatted text preview: ical limits exist, but are not standing way. in the way. water conservation within each service area and the region as a whole. Over 150,000 acre-feet per year of conservation- As conservation efforts intensify, some flexibility to further Key themes of water conservation in the related savings are projected for 2020. By capitalizing on the reduce water use in dry years is lost. The BAWAC members BAWAC region: knowledge and experience of each member and the recent have implemented conservation such that demand has been breakthroughs in technology, access to information and “hardened” by permanent water savings achieved through a interagency cooperation, BAWAC is poised to take full combination of hardware and behavioral changes. Conse- advantage of regional conservation opportunities. quently, there will be less excess water use that can be BAW BAWAC Members: Water Alameda County Water District Water Bay Area Water Users Association* Water Contra Costa Water District East Bay Municipal Utility District San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Valley Water Santa Clara Valley Water District Water Zone 7 Water Agency • BAWAC practices have resulted in low per capita water usage similar to other urban areas with smart water management strategies. • The conservation efforts of BAWAC members have resulted in a showcase of water conservation projects. • Future conservation efforts will provide even greater savings – BAWAC members plan on saving over 150,000 acrefeet per year by 2020. BAWAC has been established to achieve the following goals: • Create a unified voice for the Bay Area regional water suppliers; • Develop regional water planning objectives that embody the common needs of the Signatory agencies; • Provide a forum and a framework to discuss water management planning issues and coordinate projects and programs that would meet the regional objectives to improve water supply reliability and water quality; • As conservation efforts intensify, some flexibility to further reduce water use in dry years is lost. • Document, coordinate and communicate existing and planned programs and activities being implemented in the Bay Area region in the areas of water use efficiency and water treatment; • BAWAC members will continue to evaluate their existing water conservation programs to identify additional opportunities for local and regional implementat...
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