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Advancements in Water Conservation

Recognizing that regional coordina only increased 32

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Unformatted text preview: water use has actually enable the BAWAC region to overcome “demand hardening” tion of conservation efforts and messages can be cost decreased 1.4%. • Effective conservation measures implemented during the 1987-1992 drought helped to reduce overall water use by more than 20%. • Despite increased suburban development and economic growth in the 1990’s, overall water use is still below predrought levels. and maximize potential future water savings. New technolo- effective, BAWAC members are seeking regional approaches gies currently being investigated and implemented include: to water conservation outreach. • Self-adjusting evaportranspiration (ET) based sprinkler BAWAC is committed to building on the success of its past timers. This technology increases water savings and water conservation efforts. Capitalizing on the knowledge improves reliability by reducing reliance on customer and experience of each member, and the recent break- behavior and catering water use to real-time climatic throughs in technology, innovation and interagency coopera- conditions. tion, BAWAC is poised to take full advantage of regional • Although the population in the BAWAC region has • Toilets that use less water than 1.6 gallons per flush. conservation opportunities. • New water-saving devices for use in commercial kitchens and for x-ray film processing. AFY = Acre-feet per year *Conservation efforts will be implemented as part of an integrated water management strategy. Future BAWAC publications may address other areas, such as Interties (intercommections between BAWAC members allowing sharing of water when appropriate), Water Recycling, Groundwater Storage, Surface Storage, Desalination, etc. Bay Area Water Agencies Coalition page two Bay Area Water Agencies Coalition page seven Future conservation efforts will provide even greater savings – BAWAC members plan on saving over 150,000 acre-feet per year by 2020. research, and increased knowledge of the customers’ water use behaviors. BAWAC members are committed to building on the success of previous and current water conservation efforts as part 1,350 1,300 1,250 1,200 Metropolitan Service Area (MSA) Comparison 1,150 1,100 1,050 1,000 Per capita water use trends for the BAWAC region were compared to other MSAs (Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Southern 2005 2010 2015 2020 1. Backup information for the totals can be found in the BAWAC Technical...
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