Advancements in Water Conservation

The bawac member agencies have pledged to implement

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Unformatted text preview: ractices outlined in the California Urban Water Conservation Council’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding urban water conservation whenever feasible. Water conservation programs in the Bay Area include residential and commercial surveys, efficient washing machine rebates, ultra-low flow toilet rebates, numerous public outreach and educational programs, and many other proactive programs. Member agencies are aggressively pursuing grant funding to bolster conservation, participating in research to assess the effectiveness of appliances and programs, and generating support for water efficient labeling. The following are examples of award-winning and highly regarded water conservation programs being implemented in the BAWAC region. Large Landscape Surveys The Large Landscape Program targets the highest commercial and multi-family water users. Surveys typically include comprehensive inspection of individual irrigation systems. A site-specific irrigation schedule and water budget are prepared to ensure efficient water use based on landscape square footage, irrigation efficiency, and weather conditions including evapo-transpiration rate and rainfall. Surveyed sites can be eligible to receive rebates for upgrading eligible irrigation equipment to more efficient models. Emphasis on landscape water use is a very effective conservation action in the Bay Area, especially in the inland areas of Alameda and Contra Costa counties due to high summer-time temperatures. Irrigation Reduction Information System The Irrigation Reduction Information System (IRIS) provides irrigation customers with customized information on their water bills to help determine the amount of water to apply to their landscapes each billing period. These water estimates are based on current weather data and provide a powerful tool for customers to efficiently manage landscape irrigation. Water Washer Bay Area Water Utility Clothes Washer Program Several Bay Area water utilities are participating in a Water Utility Clothes Washer Rebate Program. This program offers rebates for high efficiency clothes washers in ov...
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