How can you avoid unhealthy exposure to ozone when

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Unformatted text preview: to minimize your exposure—even when you don’t feel obvious symptoms. How can you avoid unhealthy exposure to ozone? When ground-level ozone is at unhealthy levels, your chances of being affected increase the longer you are active outdoors and the more strenuous your activity. Since exercise is good for health, it’s important to stay active and know when to make changes. When ozone levels are unhealthy, protect your health by: • Reducing the time you are active outdoors. • Scheduling the activity for the morning or evening when ozone levels are usually lower. • Substituting a less intense activity. For example, go for a walk instead of a jog. For each person, intensity depends on physical fitness, but typically: » Less intense activities include things like climbing stairs, playing tennis or baseball, simple garden or construction work, and light jogging, cycling, or hiking. » More intense activities include playing basketball or soccer, chopping wood, heavy manual labor, and vigorous running, cycling, or hiking. No matter how fit you are, cutting back on the level or duration of outdoor activity when ozone levels are unhealthy will help protect you from ozone’s harmful effects....
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