A few days the damaged cells are replaced and the old

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Unformatted text preview: osure to ozone than people who are less active. a few days, the damaged cells are replaced and the old cells are shed—much like the way your skin peels after a sunburn. • Make your lungs more susceptible to infection. • Aggravate asthma. are more sensitive to ozone. They may experience health effects at lower ozone levels than the average person even though they have none of the risk factors listed above. There may be a genetic basis for this increased sensitivity. Some healthy people forms near ground level when air pollutants (emitted by sources such as cars, power plants, and chemical plants) react chemically in the presence of sunlight. Ozone pollution is more likely to form during warmer months. This is when the weather conditions normally needed to form ground-level ozone—lots of sun—occur. Bad ozone • • Several groups of people are particularly sensitive to ozone, especially when they are active outdoors. This is because ozone levels are higher outdoors, and physical activity causes fas...
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