table 15 ecosystem services provided by biota

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Unformatted text preview: es the greatest short-term advantage, but excessive and unsustainable use can lead to losses in the long term. A country could cut its forests and deplete its fisheries, and this would show only as a positive gain to GDP, despite the loss of capital assets. If the full economic value of ecosystems were taken into account in decision-making, their degradation could be significantly slowed down or even reversed." • • • • • • • • • • • Table 1.5: Ecosystem Services Provided by Biota* Purification of air and water. Water absorption and storage; mitigation of drought and floods. Decomposition, detoxification, and sequestering of wastes. Regeneration of soil nutrients. Pollination, pest control, seed and nutrient dispersal. Moderation of wind and temperature extremes. Provision of a wide variety of agricultural, medicinal, and industrial products. Evolution and maintenance of the biotic gene pool and the biodiversity that performs all of the above tasks. Lessons in survival, resilience, evolution, and div...
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