108 changing our lifestyles in order to preserve

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Unformatted text preview: the regulations put in place to protect it, as obstacles to development. "In our current way of seeing the world, the environment is just a collection of problems; we won't protect it until we correctly see nature as a collection of solutions - a regenerating form of wealth we literally can't live without…Why not use knowledge about how nature works, to meet more of our needs ((Wann 2007), p. 108)?" Changing our lifestyles in order to preserve ecosystems and the services they provide is key to achieving sustainability. 14 1/20/2011 Chapter One: Principles Figure 6. This Figure depicts the strength of linkages between categories of ecosystem services and components of human well-being that are commonly encountered, and includes indications of the extent to which it is possible for socioeconomic factors to mediate the linkage. (For example, if it is possible to purchase a substitute for a degraded ecosystem service, then there is a high potential for mediation.) In addition to the influence of ecosystem services on human well-being d...
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