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2004 robert bolman x expanded on dalys laws of

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Unformatted text preview: cled, absorbed, or rendered harmless in its sink. “Any activity that causes a renewable resource stock to fall, or a pollution sink to rise, or a nonrenewable resource stock to fall without a renewable replacement in sight, cannot be sustained (Meadows, Randers et al. 2004).” Robert Bolman x expanded on Daly’s Laws of Sustainability, postulating the following five conditions for sustainability: 1. Renewable resources shall not be used faster than they can regenerate. 2. Nonrenewable resources shall not be used faster than renewable substitutes (used sustainably) can be developed. 3. Pollution and waste shall not be put into the environment faster than the environment can recycle them or render them harmless. 4. The human population and the physical capital plant must be kept at levels low enough to allow conditions 1, 2 and 3 to be met. 5. The previous four conditions must be met through processes that are democratic and equitable enough that people will stand for them. 11 1/20/2011 The Sustainability Revolution John C. Ayers Now that we have introduced the concepts...
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