A sustainable society maximizes and maintains social

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Unformatted text preview: Focusing only on growth of economic capital while ignoring social and environmental capital • Wasting food, water, or energy When all of the members of a society adopt a sustainable lifestyle, the society will become sustainable. A sustainable society maximizes and maintains social, economic, and environmental capital. It increases security and survival rates - and therefore longevities - by securing multiple reliable, sustainable sources of water, food, and energy. It is a community that conserves these resources and uses them efficiently. These actions make the community autonomous and self-reliant. Throughout this book we will examine strategies for effectively using, protecting, and diversifying social, economic, and environmental capital to increase security. Capital Supply and Demand Every form of capital consists of a nonrenewable portion termed ‘principal’ and a renewable portion termed ‘interest.’ To protect social, economic, and environmental capital, society must rely o...
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