After our children finish grade school we plan to

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Unformatted text preview: These numbers disagree with those mentioned in the previous paragraph because different EF calculators do the calculation in different ways. The Redefining Progress number of acres may be larger because it considers all available land and sea, whereas the numbers in the previous paragraph only considered biologically productive land and sea. Therefore, use only one calculator when making footprint comparisons.) My current EF reflects the fact that our family of four lives in a large house that requires large amounts of energy. After our children finish grade school, we plan to move into a smaller house or condominium closer to our jobs and to the heart of the city, and that will greatly reduce our footprint. Here is how I currently am living in an effort to reduce my EF. I only drive to work ~2 times per week, telecommuting on other days. In the morning my wife and I make organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee using unbleached filters; we drink it will checking email on our energy star-...
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