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Another useful measure is the happy planet index hpi

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Unformatted text preview: nt progress in life expectancy, education, and standard of living as measured by GDP. Another useful measure is the Happy Planet Index (HPI), created in 2006 by the New Economics Foundation as “an innovative measure that shows the ecological efficiency with which human wellbeing is created around the world. iv” The HPI measures the environmental efficiency of supporting well-being in a given country v. Finally, the Human Wellbeing Index HWI is an average of indices of health and population (H), Wealth (W), Knowledge (K), Community (C), and Equity (E). According to Prescott-Allen, a sustainable country must have a high HWI, meaning that it has the following features ((Prescott-Allen 2001), pp. 13-14): 3 1/20/2011 The Sustainability Revolution John C. Ayers Table 1.2: A High Human Wellbeing Index Means… Health People enjoy long lives in good health… Population …while keeping their numbers within the bounds of human and natural resources. Household wealth Individuals and households have the material goods and income to secure basic needs and decent livelihoods,...
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