As noted by wann 2007 pp 159 60 we should rely on

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Unformatted text preview: ve, success will follow. As noted by Wann ((2007), pp. 159-60), “we should rely on efficiency (no waste), sufficiency (the right amount), and design (the right stuff) to meet needs directly." If societies learn how to meet needs precisely, without waste, then human well-being and happiness will increase and society will become more sustainable. 2 1/20/2011 Chapter One: Principles Sustainability and Human Well-Being We can also discuss sustainability in terms of human well-being. According to the UNEP GEO-4 report (UNEP 2007), “Human well-being is the extent to which individuals have the ability and the opportunity to live the kinds of lives they have reason to value… Human well-being encompasses personal and environmental security, access to materials for a good life, good health and good social relations, all of which are closely related to each other, and underlie the freedom to make choices and take action.” The Global Footprint Network (GFN 2009) states that “The essence of sustainability is a commitment to...
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