Ayers geologists we camped at an elevation of roughly

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Unformatted text preview: On another trip I off-roaded and then left the SUV for a hike. It started to snow so heavily that I couldn't see the SUV. Fortunately I had used a GPS to mark the location of the SUV, so I easily found it. One time after camping in Nevada we continued on to the White Mountains of eastern California with some experienced field 13 1/20/2011 The Sustainability Revolution John C. Ayers geologists. We camped at an elevation of roughly 10,000 feet, where the oldest trees in the world, bristlecone pines, are located. Again I recorded the location of our base camp on my GPS. We spent an entire day hiking through the rocky terrain, using a topographic map to guide us. During the hike we found evidence of a mountain lion. As evening fell it started to get very cold as we started back for camp. I began to worry that we were lost because the GPS indicated that we were moving away from camp. Eventually I persuaded the rest of the group to change direction, and we used the GPS to guide us back to camp. We were fortunate to find c...
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