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Bears would pass through our campsite every evening

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Unformatted text preview: in the Ontario province of Canada. What an inspired vacation choice! My brothers still talk about that trip, and two of them recently returned with their families. It was as close to true wilderness as any of us had seen, and I've always appreciated how brave my parents were to take eight children there. At night we could hear wolves howling. Bears would pass through our campsite every evening. The fishing was incredible. Even the "icky" parts of nature like leeches made lasting memories for us young boys. That trip taught us an appreciation of nature that we all still have. In July 2010 I returned to Algonquin for a four-day canoe trip with two of my brothers and our sons. The park was still beautiful, but even after canoeing to lakes lacking people we saw very little wildlife, caught only one small fish, and never heard any wolves. Have humans affected the park to that degree in merely 35 years? Fortunately you don't have to go far from civilization to experience nature in its most elemental form. As an adult I was fortunate to visit Muir Woo...
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