Environmental sustainability means preserving

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Unformatted text preview: munities, which enhance security by acting as safety nets. Economic sustainability means a zero-growth economy that equitably provides the resources required to enjoy a healthy, productive life. Environmental sustainability means preserving biodiversity and therefore ecosystem services that future generations will need to maintain our quality of life. Can we be sustainable by growing or preserving capital in only one or two of the three components of sustainability? As an example of building economic capital without social capital, I relate the true story of a Nashville foreman who saved all of his money but was not on speaking terms with any of his family. When he died he left $600,000 in a trust for a Children's home, but because he had no one who was close to him to administer the trust he appointed an acquaintance as the executor. That person turned out to be a con man who squandered the money, leaving the Children's home only $50,000. To be sustainable, individuals and society must build or preserve capital in all three areas of sustainability, econom...
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