Global atmosphere pollutants that disrupt the

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Unformatted text preview: Land diversity All major land ecosystems are maintained or restored in large units with minimal loss of the habitats and communities within them. Land quality Soil degradation on cultivated and modified lands is kept close to degradation rates on natural lands. Inland waters All major aquatic ecosystems, both inland and Sea marine, are maintained or restored in large units with minimal loss of the communities and habitats within them and minimal stress from pollution and water uses. Global atmosphere Pollutants that disrupt the chemical balance of the global atmosphere are eliminated or substantially reduced. Local air quality Local air pollutants are below levels that affect people or the ecosystem. Wild diversity All native wild species are maintained, and extinctions are reduced to background rates. Domesticated diversity As much as possible of the heritage of crop varieties and livestock breeds is maintained. Energy and materials Consumption of energy and materials and 17 1/20/2011 The Sustainability Revolution Resource sectors John C. Ayers extraction and production of resources are within the carrying capacity of the ecosystem. (Figu...
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