However the little time ive spent in the field was

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Unformatted text preview: hing close to it. I personally don't know anyone who experienced nature this way and doesn't value and want to protect it. Many people fear nature, and that fear is not irrational. Nature can be a dangerous place, especially for those who have no experience living "uncivilized.” Since I am an experimentalist, I have little field experience compared with most geologists. However, the little time I've spent in the field was filled with hazards. I've spent no more than one week camping and off-roading in the desert south of Las Vegas, Nevada, but during that time I faced several life-threatening situations. About five miles from the nearest road, my rented Jeep Cherokee stalled with the temperature at 104°F. It was so hot that the soles of my boots fell off; presumably, the glue melted. I momentarily panicked because I knew we didn't have enough water to make it very far, but fortunately the car restarted. On that same trip, a large rattlesnake reared up just a few feet in front of me....
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