Humans must first fill their basic physiological

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Unformatted text preview: needs in order of priority. Humans must first fill their basic “physiological” needs shown at the bottom of the pyramid, and then provide for “safety.” Meeting these needs makes it more likely that a human will survive long enough to fill the next need of “love/belonging,” which makes it more likely that they will propagate their genes. Because natural selection does not operate at levels higher than love/belonging, many people do not progress to “esteem” and finally “self-actualization,” which is defined as a person meeting their full potential. A sustainable society would give people the opportunity to become “self-actualized”, to meet their full potential. Figure 1. Maslow's hierarchy of needs, with the most basic needs at the bottom. More recently, Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef argued that humans do not meet needs sequentially or hierarchically. Max-Neef lists the fundamental human needs as subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity and freedom. He argues...
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