Knowledge people have the knowledge to innovate and

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Unformatted text preview: National wealth and the community has the resources to support and maintain prosperity. Knowledge People have the knowledge to innovate and cope with change, live well and sustainably, and fulfill their potential, Culture with avenues for spiritual growth, creativity, and self-expression. Freedom and governance Human rights are fully respected, and individuals are free to choose how decisions are made and who should make them. Decision-making bodies are open, clean, and effective. Peace and order Communities coexist peacefully and protect their members from crime and violence. Household equity Benefits and burdens are shared fairly among households and groups… Gender equity …and between males and females A common mistake is to equate human progress with economic growth, typically measured as Gross Domestic Product (GDP). (Figure 2) (from (Gore 2009)) shows that the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) correlated with GDP per capita until roughly 1978, when the latter reached about $25,000 U.S. dollars (2000). However, since 1978, the...
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