Naturalists prefer to work with rather than against

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Unformatted text preview: y straighten rivers and dam them up, but nature always fights back: dams fail or the reservoirs behind them fill with sediment and require constant dredging; seawalls erode and collapse under the constant assault of waves; rivers prefer to meander, so they tend to break out of straight, engineered channels through erosion. Naturalists prefer to work with, rather than against, nature. They give a river “room” to meander and reduce the risk of flood damage by limiting development to outside the river’s floodplain. They plant or preserve trees along the riverbanks to slow the rate of erosion and provide shade for aquatic species. Nature is a powerful force; it is constantly at work, and while our short bursts of work may be more intense, and the use of energy from oil can magnify our efforts, eventually Nature will win because it has limitless time. How did streams cut through mountains to create water gaps? How did ancient mountains almost completely erode away? In “The World Without Us”, Alan Weisman (2007) describes what would happen to our cities, buildings, and infrastructure if huma...
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