Relying on renewable resources interest rather than

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Unformatted text preview: nly on the interest and not the principal in each category. The interest is the renewable portion, and the rate of its use shouldn’t be greater than the rate of renewal. Fiscal conservatives use this approach to achieve economic sustainability. Relying on renewable resources (interest) rather than non-renewable resources (principle) allows us to achieve both economic and environmental sustainability. 8 1/20/2011 Chapter One: Principles Table 1.4: Sustainable Use of Renewable Resourcesviii Consumption of renewable resources State of environment Sustainability 1) More than nature's ability to replenish Environmental degradation Not sustainable 2) Equal to nature's ability to replenish Environmental equilibrium Steady state 3) Less than nature's ability to replenish Environmental renewal Environmentally sustainable Since human population is growing at an exponential rate, our rate of capital use is also increasing at an exponential rate. This is sustainable only if growth does not cause the rate of capital consumption to exceed the rate of capital production, i.e., the rate of replenishmen...
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