So currently our species cannot maintain a closed

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Unformatted text preview: human life. The overall cost of the project has been $200 million through 2007. The 1991-3 experiment was aborted due to wildly fluctuating levels of O2 and CO2 in the artificial atmosphere, personality conflicts arising from poor management, and planners not accounting for the effects of a closed environment. So currently our species cannot maintain a closed, selfsupporting ecosystem, and we still require the natural environment to survive. Wilson supports the Naturalist view. He believes our environment is fragile and that with our current technology we cannot create artificial sustainable environments. Exemptionalists claim that new technologies (power of the human mind) and free-market economies will provide adequate resources for the growing population; however, Wilson points out that there are limits to the amounts of water, arable land, oil, and food (including seafood) that can support us, and that global warming may reduce those limits. Exemptionalists are taking a gamble when they advise pressing forward with current policies and assume that technology will provide solutions to t...
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