Some resources will become scarce within the

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Unformatted text preview: ok is that our society will experience resource shortages in the near future because we have been using these resources unsustainably, either because they are nonrenewable or because we used renewable resources faster than they could be replenished. Some resources will become scarce within the lifetimes of the baby-boomer generation. Others will become scarce during the lifetimes of their children. To understand this problem, we must introduce some terms and concepts. Natural processes can replace renewable resources. They can’t, however, replace non-renewable resources, or they do so at such a low rate that we essentially have a fixed supply of them. Non-renewable resources are fixed in quantity, so the faster we use them, the faster they disappear. Fossil fuels fall into this category because it takes millions of years for nature to produce oil and coal from plants. Overall, we are at greater risk of running out of non-renewable resources. However, we can also run out of renewable resources if we use them faster than they can be replaced. For example, marine fisheries are collapsing worldwi...
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