Sudden storms can spring up deadly animals can attack

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Unformatted text preview: amp because it got down to 10°F that night. It turned out that my student had incorrectly marked the location of the base camp on the topographic map, so we had essentially been lost the entire day. The point is that even people with significant outdoors experience can get lost or have bad luck (vehicle breaks down), and quickly get into real trouble when out in the wilderness. Sudden storms can spring up, deadly animals can attack, and poisonous plants, insects, and animals can kill. In certain places in the world like Australia, the poisonous animals almost outnumber the nonpoisonous. Most of us are aware of the dangers nature presents and recognize how hard it would be to live without our creature comforts. If our society can successfully transition to sustainable living, we will not be forced to ‘live off the land’ and face the dangers of nature first-hand. We won’t have to abandon the security of our homes and hunt in the wilderness for food. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle will increase your security by making you more self-reliant, and society becoming sustainable will reduce the chance of economic colla...
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