The structure of the worlds ecosystems changed more

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Unformatted text preview: ersification strategies that have proved themselves over three billion years. Unparalleled aesthetic, spiritual, and intellectual uplift. The value of ecosystem services is valued in trillions of dollars per year. * (Meadows, Randers et al. 2004): Humans are an integral part of ecosystems. Because human population is increasing at an exponential rate, our impact on the environment is increasing at an exponential rate (more on this in Chapter 2). "The structure of the world's ecosystems changed more rapidly in the second half of the twentieth century than at any time in recorded human history, and virtually all of Earth's ecosystems have now been significantly transformed through human actions (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2005)." Environmental degradation results in the loss of ecosystem services. Most people agree that "the quality of the environment is important both to their own wellbeing and to the common good (Adams 2006)." Many societies in the past collapsed because of environmental degradation and loss of ecosys...
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