Their economic models ignore human behavior and the

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Unformatted text preview: hese growing problems before they become disasters. Ecologists like Wilson don’t like these gambles because they know that if we lose, we lose everything. Wilson (1998) also believes that economists, who generally take the exemptionalist point of view, promote policies that are inconsistent with sustainability. Their economic models ignore human behavior and the environment. They assume that all countries have adequate resources and can achieve the same standard of living as the U.S.. However, the U.S. can only maintain its standard of living by using the resources of other countries (“economic miracles are not endogenous”), which we will discuss in detail later. Furthermore, economists do not use full-cost accounting; i.e., they use only economic capital and not social or environmental capital in their models. 12 1/20/2011 Chapter One: Principles Overall, exemptionalists try to conquer nature rather than put it to good use. They favor the “hard approach” and attempt to control natural processes. The...
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