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This group also includes financial assets and access

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Unformatted text preview: etimes split into physical and financial capital) “includes tools and equipment, buildings, books, vehicles, and physical infrastructure such as roads, bridges, pipes and power lines. This group also includes financial assets and access to credit and insurance, which are essential components of household livelihood strategies and regional or national development success.” Environmental capital “includes all environmental resources and processes that provide value to people, such as food, fiber, clean air and water, energy and waste processing. It also includes non-renewable resources, such as minerals, oil and coal.” Sustainable strategies maintain all three types of capital through effective use, protection, and diversification of assets vii. For example, among other things social sustainability means building and preserving effective social institutions such as schools and hospitals that help provide an educated and healthy workforce, using that workforce as a resource by providing jobs, and encouraging social interactions that build com...
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