You may have noticed that certain species of fish

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Unformatted text preview: de because overfishing has decimated populations of certain fish species to critically low levels or even forced them to extinction. If left alone to breed, they may regenerate their populations to preexisting levels - but that could take many decades. You may have noticed that certain species of fish such as cod have essentially disappeared from grocery shelves; this is because the commercial catch of cod has declined rapidly in recent years, to the point where in the year 2000 the World Wide Fund for Nature added cod to its list of endangered species, stating that the worldwide cod catch had decreased 70% in the preceding 30 years due to decreasing cod abundance, and that cod were at risk of becoming extinct within 15 years ix. Thus, the cod-fishing industry is unsustainable, and environmentally-minded consumers should avoid eating cod. A renewable resource stock can grow or shrink, depending on the relative rates of replenishment (inflow) and extraction (outflow) (Figure 5). For our cod example inflow < outflow, meaning that the rate of extraction exceeds the rate of replenishment. Resources that fall in...
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