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Unformatted text preview: MCA motto is "Spirit, mind, and body". The message is that these are our most valuable resources, and we participate in the YMCA in order to cultivate them. Spirit, mind, and body are like the three pillars of an individuals strength, much like the three E's (environment, economy, and equity) are the three pillars that give human societies strength. The motto does not mention money or stuff. Yet many people neglect or sacrifice one or more of their three pillars of strength. They often trade spirit for money, for example, or mind for stuff. viii *From ix x According to The article by Bolman that they cite is no longer available online. xi People seem to become either exemptionalists or naturalists at an early age, and in my experience they never switch. In fact, exemptionalists seem incapable of thinking like naturalists, and vice-versa. Thus, the nature of our relationship with nature seems to be deeply rooted in our psyche. When I first started writing this book, I had hopes that I could convince skeptics that we are ap...
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