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models_of_health0.doc week1 lecture - Health care delivery...

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week 2 lecture References and Overheads for Lecture on Biomedical Model and Health Policy IDEAL TYPES The one-sided accentuation of one or more points of view and by the synthesis of great many diffuse, discrete, or more or less present and occasionally absent concrete individual phenomena, which are arranged according to those one- sidedly emphasised view points into a unified analytical construct…In its conceptual purity, this mental construct… cannot be found empirically anywhere in reality. [Max Weber, (1903) Cited in Ritzer, G. (2004) “Sociological Theory”:116] Orthodox medicine: paradigm • exclusive focus on the individual, physical body • takes a positivist approach to health and to reality • illhealth is the result of disease and pathology Disease is a result of invasion of the body from outside • diseases exist as objective entities • diseases can be identified, categorised and named disease categories might be descriptions, things we observe • follows science in believing there are universal laws and objective, causal relationships between phenomena so for every disease there is a central, causal mechanism bodies are homogenised and universalised bodies are separate from the mind and may be understood as mechanisms
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models_of_health0.doc week1 lecture - Health care delivery...

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