journal 1 - Vita Yegorova Jenny Zhang Journal#1 There are...

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Vita Yegorova 2/20/08 Jenny Zhang Journal #1 There are many things that Offred talks about in chapters 24-36 that caught my attention. She talks about different memories she had or what she felt surrounding the topic of love. Love is an interesting thing to discuss in this book, since there is none of it. I think it’s obvious for someone in Offred's position to miss loving someone, being loved, or having that connection. The society she lives in believes that love can be sacrificed for safety. However, I strongly disagree. Love is irreplaceable, and without both the good and the bad, a person is not able to grow and learn from their experiences. Offred mentions on page 200 how she would like to have Luke there to fight with him. This seems ironic, but I know exactly what she feels. Personally, I am in a long distance relationship so I begin to miss the little, nonsense things, even if it’s fighting. I think she longs for a fight with someone she loves because when two people fight, they usually fight out of love for one another. Neither I nor my boyfriend would get mad at me for small light things if we didn't love each other. The types of fights she wishes to have, such as who needs to wash the
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journal 1 - Vita Yegorova Jenny Zhang Journal#1 There are...

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