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geologyChapter 11

geologyChapter 11 - 6 The most widespread and costly of all...

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Chapter 11 1.) Movement of material along a surface or surfaces of failure is a slide. 2.) The force opposing a slope’s shear strength is gravity. 3.) Which if the following is a factor influencing mass wasting? Weathering, Slope Angle, Water Content, Vegetation 4.) The downward movement of material along a curved surface of rupture is a slump. 5.) Solifluction occurs most commonly in deserts, tropical forest, permafrost, beaches? None
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Unformatted text preview: 6.) The most widespread and costly of all mass wasting processes is quick clays. 7.) Where can mass wasting occur? Anywhere 8.) Former landslides and areas currently susceptible to slope failure can be identified by which of the following features? Scarps, Open Fissures, Hummocky Surfaces, Tilted Objects 9.) Where in the U.S. are the areas of greater landslide severity least likely to be found? Sierra Nevada...
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