CHP7 Bone Tissue

endochondral zone of reserve cartilage layer of

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Unformatted text preview: forming Osteoblasts deposit temporary framework of trabeculae • Osteoclasts breakdown temporary bony framework to Osteoclasts enlarge the primary marrow cavity…bone ends remain as hyaline cartilage @ this stage hyaline Metaphysis= transitional zone between shaft & cartilage transitional heads of long bones heads • 5 zones of transformation from cartilage to bone zones cartilage Metaphysis Metaphysis Endochondral (cont.) Endochondral Zone of reserve cartilage= layer of ‘unchanged’ cartilage Zone of cell proliferation= (2nd) llayer of cartilage where ayer chondrocytes multiply & form columns of flat lacunae chondrocytes Zone of cell hypertrophy= (3rd) chondrocytes enlarge chondrocytes enlarge • Bone grows longer as cells multiply & swell Bone grows Zone of calcification= minerals deposited in matrix btwn columns minerals & calcify cartilage to form temporary support calcify Zone of bone deposition= llucanae walls breakdown & ucanae chondrocytes die; an empty channel remains that soon fills with osteoblasts & bld vessels • Lamella form around channel (becomes central canal) Lamella central • Osteoclasts dissolve calcified cartilage, concurrently Osteoclasts Secondary Ossification Center Secondary 2ndary ossification center= ~ birth, epiphyses begin to birth, form by similar processes as in 1o ossification center form • Chondrocytes swell; matrix dissolves & cells die; buds Chondrocytes of perichondrium grow into cartilage & osteoblasts/osteoclasts begin reorganizing tissue from epiphysis center outwards epiphysis • Trabeculae of cartilage matrix Trabeculae are calcified into spongy bone are Bone growth & remodeling Bone Hyaline cartilage remains in 2 places~ joint surfaces Hyaline (articular cartilage) & jjunction of diaphysis & epiphysis unction (epiphyseal plate) • A metaphysis (area of cartilagenous material) remains on metaphysis each side of epiphyseal plate each Bone continues to grow & remodel throughout life~ • Femurs become longer, curvature of cranial bones; Femurs athletes or manual labor ppl have greater bone density & mass mass • Bone surfaces develop/increase bumps, spines, & ridges Bone for muscle attachment for Bone gr...
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