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CHP7 Bone Tissue

T lining inner bone thin surface surface contains

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Unformatted text preview: nt in growth & repair • Periosteum does not cover articular cartilage • Endosteum= thin layer of reticular c.t. lining inner bone thin surface surface • Contains osteogenic cells that form other types of bone cells Contains osteogenic types Features (cont.) Features Long bone (cont.)~ • Epiphyseal plate= hyaline cartilage that separates marrow hyaline of epi & diaphysis of children/adolescents of • Zone of growth; seen as a transparent line in X-rays Bone is connective tissue w/ cells, fibers, & matrix~ Histology Histology 4 types of cells~ osteogenic, osteoblasts, osteocytes, & types osteoclasts osteoclasts Osteogenic cells= stem cells (arise from embryonic stem fibroblasts) in the endosteum & central canals fibroblasts) • Continually multiply, some form into osteoblasts Osteoblasts= bone-forming cells the synthesize organic bone-forming matter of matrix matter • Help mineralize bone…during stress & fractures, Help osteogenic cells increase mitosis/differentiation to inc #’s of osteoblasts osteoblasts • Cells line-up in rows of endosteum & inner layer of Cells periosteum periosteum Histology (cont.) Histology Osteocytes= osteoblasts that become ‘trapped’ in matrix, osteoblasts housed in lucanae which are connected to each other by canaliculi canaliculi • Gap junctions allow for cells to communicate/diffuse Gap nuts/wastes nuts/wastes • Serve as strain sensors detecting deformation…pass info to Serve strain osteoblasts &/or osteoclasts @ bone surface osteoblasts Osteoclasts= bone-dissolving cells @ surface • Form from same marrow cells that produce monocytes; Form several cells fuse to form osteoclast (= large cell w/ 3-4 nuclei) nuclei) • Ruffled border of plasma membrane inc surface area • Reside in pits called resorption bays Reside resorption Histology (cont.) Histology Histology (cont.) Histology Matrix= 1/3 organic & 2/3 inorganic (dry wgt) • Organic= collagen & protein-carbohydrate complexes • Inorganic= 85% hydroxyapatite (crystallized Ca phosphate Inorganic= salt), 10% CaCO3, smaller amounts of Mg, Na, K, F, SO42-, salt), CO32-, OHCO Bone is a composite of minerals & protein~ mineral deposits Bone minerals protein mineral ensure structural integrity, so if dissolved left w/ rubbery bone bone • Rickets=...
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