CHP6 The Intugumentary System

epidermis 5 layers from deep to superficial 5

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Unformatted text preview: n outer layer of stratum corneum corneum Epidermis (cont.) Epidermis 5 layers from deep to superficial~ 5. Stratum basale= single layer of cuboidal/columnar cells 5. Stratum single on basement membrane on • Kerantinocytes, melanocytes (pigment cells), & tactile melanocytes (Merkel) cells (=sensory receptors for touch + nerve fiber (Merkel) in dermis) in • Melanocytes make melanin which is phagocytized by keratinocytes & moved upward thru layers keratinocytes • Skin color due to rate of melanin synthesis as most Skin people have ~equal # of melanocytes people • Melanin granules cluster near nuclei to protect DNA from Melanin UV radiation UV Epidermis (cont.) Epidermis 4. Stratum spinosum= several layers of keratinocytes; 4. Stratum several deepest layer undergoes cell division (mitosis) deepest • As cells move upward, stop dividing & start making As keratin filaments (leading to cells flattening) keratin • Spiny-name of layer due to fixed cells pulling apart yet Spiny-name still attached by desmosomes • Along w/ stratum granulosum, houses macrophages Along (dendritic (or Langerhans) cells) that form in bone that marrow &...
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