CHP6 The Intugumentary System

Hairnails dont grow after death cutting hair doesnt

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Unformatted text preview: regions of scalp Pattern baldness results from genetic & hormonal causes • 2 gene alleles= uniform growth & baldness (patchy growth) uniform baldness alleles alleles • Baldness allele is dominant in males, expressed when Baldness testosterone high testosterone • Hetero/homozygous will lead to hair thinning (vellus hair) • Homozygous recessive women @ risk Homozygous Hair loss/Functions Hair Hirsutism= excessive/undesirable hairiness in areas not excessive/undesirable normally so (women/kids in particular) normally • Hereditary, hypersecretion of testosterone, menopause, etc. Hair/nails don’t grow after death, cutting hair doesn’t make Hair/nails it grow faster, & stress doesn’t cause hair to turn white it Functions= most HUMAN body hair has little/no use, but.. • • • • Scalp hair helps retain heat/protect from sunburn Beard/pubic/axillary hair signifies sexual maturity Guard hairs (vibrissae) protect nasal/ear canals; eyelashes Eyebrows for expression Eyebrows Nails= clear, hard derivative of stratum corneum made of Nails clear, stratum thin, dead scale-like cells packed together w/in keratin fibers fibers Nails Nails Primates have flat nails which protect fleshy, sensitive Primates flat fingertips & serve as ‘strong’ tools fingertips Growth rate= 1 mm/wk, toenails a bit lower • New cells added to nail plate by mitosis (= nail matrix) @ the New proximal nail edge (beneath skin) proximal Anatomy of fingernail• • • • •...
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