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CHP6 The Intugumentary System

Yellow brown black and reddish hues suntan fades

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Unformatted text preview: pigment produced by melanocytes in stratum basale & stratum spinosum Skin color (cont.) Skin Melanin (cont)• Synthesis stimulated by UV radiation (sunlight) & genetics • [melanocytes] in freckles, moles, dorsal surfaces of hands/feet, nipples, anus, scrotum, penis, etc. • Yellow, brown, black and reddish hues • Suntan fades because……? 7 ‘abnormal’ colors= cyanosis, erythema, jaundice, bronzing, pallor, albinism, hematoma Cyanosis= blueness from deficiency of O2 in blood • Blocked airways, drowning, heart attack, cold weather Erythema= redness due to dilated cutaneous vessels or redness dermal pooling of blood • Anger, sunburn, exercise, embarrassment Abnormal skin color (cont.) Abnormal Jaundice= yellowing of skin/whites of eyes due to yellowing excess of bilirubin in blood • Liver disease, cancer, hepatitis; premature babies Bronzing= golden-brown color of Addison disease golden-brown (deficiency of glucocorticoid hormones of adrenal cortex) cortex) Pallor= pale color from lack of blood flow; ‘white of pale collagen fibers’ collagen • Emotional stress, low bld pressure, circulatory shock, cold Emotional temps, severe anemia temps, Albinism= a genetic lack of melanin Hematoma= a bruise (visible clotted blood) Skin markings Skin Hemangiomas (birthmarks)= discolored skin due to discolored benign tumors of dermal blood capillaries • Strawberry birthmarks are slightly swollen & disappear in childhood; port wine birthmarks are flat, d...
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