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CHP6 The Intugumentary System

Phase stage 2 epi rs cells below the bulge undergo

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Unformatted text preview: muli; animals use for warmth & defense, we get Cold goose bumps goose Hair Growth & Loss Hair Hair growth is a 3-stage cycle= anagen, catagen, & telogen Hair stages stages • Anagen phase= stem cells in bulge multiple & travel down, stem pushing dermal papilla deeper into skin & forming ‘new’ epi root sheath sheath • Root sheath cells directly above dermal papilla form hair matrix Root hair where sheath cells change into hair cells that make keratin where • Cells die as they as pushed upward away from papilla • Catagen phase (stage 2)= epi r.s. cells below the bulge undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death) (programmed • Follicle shrinks, dermal papilla draws up towards bulge causing hair Follicle to lose its anchorage to • Telogen phase (stage 3)= resting stage (dermal papilla is now @ bulge); hair can fall out during either catagen or telogen phases phases • 50-100 hairs lost/day Hair Growth & Loss (cont.) Hair Hair growth slows once in your 40’s, i.e., more follicles in Hair catagen/telogen stages • Scalp follicles of young adults ~6-8 yrs (anagen), ~2-3 wks Scalp (catagen), ~1-3 months (telogen) (catagen), • 90% anagen @ a given time Alopecia= thinning & baldness, occurs in both sexes Pattern baldness= loss from only some...
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