CHP6 The Intugumentary System

T small clusters of adipocytes common stretch marks

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Unformatted text preview: papillary & reticular layers • Papillary= areolar tissue in/near dermal papillae; 1/5 thickness areolar of dermis; allows for movement of WBC’s thru tissue of • Reticular layer= deeper 4/5; dense irregular c.t. • • Small clusters of adipocytes common Stretch marks form when collagen fibers tare (=striae) Hypodermis & Skin color Hypodermis Hypodermis= subcutaneous (superficial fascia) • Indistinct boundary btw dermis but more areolar/adipose • Subcutaneous fat= adipose tissue dominates • 8% more in women & differs in distribution • Binds skin to underlying tissues, pads body, energy reservoir, Binds thermal insulation • Injections into hypo as highly vascular 3 pigments form skin color= hemoglobin, melanin, pigments carotene carotene • Hemoglobin= red pigment of red blood cells • Visible through dermal bld vessels; combines w/ ‘white’ of collagen fibers to produce caucasian skin • Carotene= acquired from yellow/orange pigments of vegies & egg yolks • Can [ ] in stratum corneum & subcutaneous fat • Melanin= a...
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