CHP5 Histology

cartilage elastic cartilage conspicuous elastic

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Unformatted text preview: ilage- clear, glassy appearance due to fine, clear, ‘invisible’ collagen fibers; chondrocytes in small clusters (3-4= cell nests) & enclosed in lacunae cell • Perichondrium= sheath of dense irregular c.t. surrounding sheath most hyaline & all elastic cart. most all • Chondroblasts housed btw perichondrium & cartilage help w/ Chondroblasts cart. growth throughout life cart. • Nose, larynx, periodic rings of trachea, bronchi, articular Nose, cartilage, costal cartilage, fetal skeleton cartilage, • Eases joint movement; forms airways in respiration; moves Eases vocal cords; precursor of bone (fetal) & growth zones of long bones (child) bones Cartilage (cont.) Cartilage Elastic cartilage- ‘‘conspicuous’ elastic fibers form web-like conspicuous’ mesh w/in lacunae mesh • External ear, epiglottis; provides flexible, elastic support Fibrocartilage- course, visible bundles of parallel collagen course, fibers; rows of chondrocytes (in lacunae); no no perichondrium perichondrium • Pubic symphysis, intervertebral discs, menisci, & where Pubic tendons insert on bones near articular hyaline cartilage tendons • Resists compression & absorbs shock in some joints; often a Resists transitional tissue btw dense c.t. (i.e., tendons, ligaments) & transitional ., hyaline cartilage hyaline Bone Bone Bone (osseous tissue)- 2 types of osseous tissue: spongy & compact bone compact Spongy= fills heads of long bones; calcified & hard w/ a fills ‘spongy’ appearance ‘spongy’ Compact (dense)= more calcified w/ no spaces visible to more naked eye; external surface of all bones…covers spongy bone as well spongy • Microscope specimens contain dead, dried bone w/ cells Microscope absent…empty spaces show where living cells once where where Bone (cont.) Bone Compact bone (cont.)~ • Arranged in cylinders of tissue surrounding central canals Arranged central that run longitudinally (shafts of long bones) that • Blood vessels & nerves travel through • Concentric lamellae= bone matrix deposited in ‘onionlike bone layers’ around each c.c. layers’ • Osteon= central canal + lamellae • Osteocytes= mature bone cells, lie w/in tiny lacunae btw lamelle • Canaliculi= delicate canals radiating from lacuna to adjacent lacunae from Blood (fluid c.t.) Blood Bone (cont.)~ • • • Covered by a tough, fibrous sheath= periosteum Covered periosteum 1/3 dry wgt= collagen fibers & chondroitin sulfate (GAG) 2/3= Ca2+ salts around collagen fibers Blood- fluid connective tissue traveling through vessels… transports red/wht BC’s, platelets & dissolved matter • Blood= plasma (ground substance) + formed elements Blood= plasma formed • Erythrocytes= RBC’s, most abundant of RBC’s, formed elements formed • Discs w/ thin center & no nuclei; Discs transport O2 & CO2 transport Blood (cont.) Blood Formed elements (cont.)~ • Leukocytes= WBC’s, defense against infection & disease; WBC’s, travel from organ to organ in bld & lymph, yet spend most of the time in connective tissue the • Larger than RBC’s w/ nuclei • 5 types of WBC’s: neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, types lymphocytes, & monocytes lymphocytes, • Platelets= small cell fragments involved in clotting...
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