CHP5 Histology

areolar reticular tissue bld capillaries occupy

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Unformatted text preview: or nourishing & waste removal; supplies WBC’s to epithelial tissue WBC’s Loose connective tissue Loose Reticular- mesh of reticular fibers & fibroblasts • Forms stroma (structural framework) of lymph nodes, spleen, Forms stroma thymus, bone marrow thymus, • Free space filled w/ red/white BC’s • Spleen is like a ‘sponge saturated w/ bld cells’ Adipose- adipocytes (fat cells) dominate • Remember that single or small groups of cells in areolar Remember tissue tissue Dense regular connective tissue Dense Adipose (cont.)- areolar & reticular tissue, bld capillaries occupy areolar space btw cells space • 1o energy reservoir; thermal insulator; protective cushion for organs, contours body shape organs, • Stored fat is continually hydrolized/released into bldstream & Stored new tryglycerides synthesized & stored new • Thus, quantity of stored fat & #’s of adipocytes remains stable • White fat –vs- heat-generating brown fat (fetuses, infants, brown kids) kids) • Hibernating animals store brown fat Hibernating Dense regular c.t.- collagen fibers closely packed w/ little open Dense collagen space space • • Tendons, ligaments pulled in predictable directions (= parallel) Fibroblasts dominant cells (few bld vessels, sensory nerves); Fibroblasts tissue repair slow tissue Dense regular connective (cont.) Dense Dense regular c.t. (cont.)- llig’s bind bones together, resist ig’s stress; tendons attach muscle-bone, transfer muscular tension to bones tension Yellow elastic tissue= branching elastic fibers + collagen, branching fibroblasts • Vocal cords, suspensory ligament of penis, lig’s of vertebral Vocal column column • ‘wavy sheets’ of elastic tissue in med/lrg artery walls; sheets wavy expand when heart pumps to relieve pressure on downstream arteries…wall springs back once heart relaxes to keep bld pressure up to • Marfan syndrome, arteriosclerosis Dense irregular connective tisse Dense Dense irregular c.t.- thick bundles of collagen (random thick direction), little room for cells & ground substance direction), • Durable, resists unpredictable stresses Durable, • In dermis, binds skin to muscle or connective tissue; a In protective capsule around kidneys, testes, spleen, etc.; tough sheath on bones, nerves, cartilages tough • In dermis, transition btw tissue types can be hard to In observe…areolar & dense irregular tissues present…but thicker collagen & less open space= dense irregular c.t. space= Cartilage (cont.) Cartilage Cartilage- supportive c.t. w/ flexible rubbery matrix; shapes supportive ear, nose larynx ear, • Chondroblasts= secrete matrix…surround selves w/ matrix secrete until trapped in ‘lacunae’ called chondrocytes until called chondrocytes • Free of bld vessels except when transforming into bone • Slow diffusion of nutrient/waste removal thru matrix…so low Slow metabolism rates, cell division, injury repair metabolism • 3 types of cartilage: hyaline, elastic, fibrocartilage types hyaline elastic fibrocartilage Cartilage (cont.) Cartilage Hyaline cart...
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