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CHP3 Cellular Form and Function

Portion of the er rough smooth er presenceabsence of

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Unformatted text preview: basal bodies Organelles Organelles Nucleus= lrg organelle; houses genetic material of cell • Single (anuclear) –vs- multinucleate • Nuclear envelope, nuclear pores, nucleoplasm, chromatin Nuclear (‘threads’ of DNA & protein), & nucleoli (ribosome synthesis) (‘threads’ Endoplasmic reticulum (ER)= ‘little network w/in cytoplasm’ • 2 portion of the ER- rough & smooth ER • Presence/absence of ribosomes embedded in membrane Presence/absence ribosomes • Interconnected channels (cisterinae) • Rough ER= ‘‘stacks’ of flattened sac w/ ribosomes; continuous stacks’ w/ nuclear envelope of nucleus • Smooth ER= llacks ribosomes; channels become more tubular acks & branched • Makes steroids & lipids, phospholipids for cell membranes, Makes & proteins (rough ER); detoxifies alcohol & drugs, stores Ca2+ (smooth ER) Ca2+ Organelles (cont.) Organelles Ribosomes= granules of protein + RNA • Located in nucleoli & cytosol, on surface of rough ER & Located nuclear envelope nuclear • Read mRNA & then synthesizes proteins • Remember transcription & translation?! Remember transcription translation Golgi complex= small system of cisternae that make carb’s & small modify (‘finish’) proteins & glycoproteins modify • ‘stack of pita bread’; ~6 flattened sacs that modify proteins stack synthesized in ER…packages them in golgi vesicles • G.vesicles ‘pinch off’ membrane of g.complex • • • Some travel towards p.membrane & fuse w/ cell membrane Some form lysosome...
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