CHP8 The Skeletal System

pelvic os coxae cont ischium thicken bone w body

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Unformatted text preview: )….MI (thumb) • Base (proximal), shaft, head (distal end= knuckles) Phalanges- 14 bones forming fingers & 14 thumb (pollex) thumb • Bones named as proximal, middle, Bones distal + # of phalange distal • ‘Left proximal phalanx II’ or Left ‘right distal phalanx V’ Pelvic Girdle Pelvic Pelvic girdle= 4 bones, coxae, sacrum, coccyx Coxal bone= 3 bones fused together, ilium, ischium, pubis • Join sacrum of axial skeleton @ sacroiliac joint; articulates Join sacroiliac articulates w/ femur @ acetabulum (hip socket); & has a large hole acetabulum beneath ace (=obturator foramen) beneath • Ilium- llargest portion of coxa; iliac crest, anterior/posterior argest iliac anterior/posterior superior/inferior iliac spines, iliac fossa superior/inferior iliac iliac • Spines seen in lean ppl…dimples of back • Iliac fossa smooth –vs- posterolateral surface Iliac rough for muscle attachment rough • Greater sciatic notch Pelvic Girdle (cont.) Pelvic Os coxae (cont.)~ • Ischium- thicken bone w/ body & ramus, spine thicken ramus spine • Lesser sciatic notch forms beneath spine • Pubis- superior/inferior ramus & triangular body superior/inferior body • Pubic symphasis= 2 bodies joined Male –vs- female~ Lower Limb Lower Lower limb- 4 regions, 30 bones; femoral (+ patella), crural, regions, tarsal, pedal regions tarsal, Femur= thigh bone, spherical head articulates w/ thigh acetabulum acetabulum • Fovea capitis= pit in head where ligament o...
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