CHP8 The Skeletal System

Bones nasal nasal 2 bones that form bridge of nose

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Unformatted text preview: of orbit lateral • Extends ½ to ‘ear’ as a upside down ‘T’ • Zygomatic arch= fusion of temporal process of Zygo & zygo process of Temp bone of Lacrimal= 2 bones forming part of medial wall of orbit • Lacrimal fossa= depression housing lacrimal sac (tears drain depression into nasal cavity from sac) sac) Nasal Bones Nasal Nasal= 2 bones that form bridge of nose & support cartilage bones • Often fractured by blow to the nose Inferior nasal conchae= 2 bones forming part of nasal cavity; bones largest of 3 conchae (sup & mid part of ethmoid bone) largest Vomer= 1 bone forming inferior ½ of septum, shaped like a bone ‘plow blade’ ‘plow • Superior ½ formed by p.p. of ethmoid; septal cartilage of Superior septal anterior part of septum attaches to both bone anterior Inferior nasal Inferior conchae conchae Vomer Mandible Mandible Mandible= strongest & only moveable bone; supports lower strongest teeth, attachment for muscles of mastication & expression teeth, 3 portions of bone= body, ramus, angle portions body ramus angle • Ramus ‘Y’ shaped~ • Posterior branch= mandibular condyle, oval knob to Posterior mandibular oval articulate w/ mandibular fossa of temporal bone articulate • A...
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